Hi there, curious eyes!

I’m Irina - ex-copywriter and current freelance creative and brand strategist based in Bucharest, Romania.

What’s this all about?

I started Room To Fail out of too much fear of failure. Sounds kinda' stupid, right? Well, a lot of stuff I write about sound like that, but you know what?! It’s ok not to do it right from the beginning. So let’s try again.

This newsletter is about the stuff I read, learn and use for becoming better at strategy and worse at feeling this shitty impostor syndrome. You’ll also get a fair amount of inner thoughts and feelings I get during all this learning process.

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When I started out (in 2020), I found myself reading everything on the internet, spiralling through articles until my brain seemed on fire. I also felt the need to buy every book ever published on the subject. So I paused, organised and took it slow(er).

If you have 237248 tabs open in browser and feel confused about strategy, brand stuff, communication or marketing, let’s do this together.

I’m pretty excited and scared,


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Irina Negrila

Creative and brand strategist that loves organising stuff in sheets, but also exploring the minds of fellow humans for insights and connection.